Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Not "just playing, but making things..." Vijay Iyer gets a MacArthur Grant


Pianist Vijay Iyer is on this year's list of MacArthur Fellows; rarified air, indeed. Howard Reich talked to Iyer regarding his award for the Chicago Tribune:

"'I'm really inspired by the composer-pianists of the last century,
particularly (Duke) Ellington and (Thelonious) Monk and people in that
lineage who aren't just playing, but they're making things,' says Iyer,
speaking by phone from his home in New York and adding such names as
piano innovators Cecil Taylor, McCoy Tyner and Bud Powell."

Read the full story.

If you live in Boston or Cambridge, you can see and hear Iyer with poet Robert Pinsky on March 14 at Sanders Theatre as part of the Celebrity Series of Boston's 75th Anniversary Season.

The 2013 MacArthur Fellows

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